5th August 2018

Architectural Journal

Architectural Journal

A semi-annual magazine for the architect and built-environment industry.

ARCHITECTURAL JOURNAL is a publication that captures a wide range of ground-breaking developments in Tanzania’s built environment, including but not isolated to latest Project Developments, Skills Development & Training, Legislation, and cutting edge Technology.

Tanzania Profile

ARCHITECTURAL JOURNAL is tailored to provide topical information about the comings and goings in Tanzania’s construction sector, which is widely regarded as the engine of the country’s development. With the economy projected to grow by 7.1 in 2018, Tanzania’s construction sector has been touted as one of the catalysts. There are currently a number of noteworthy construction developments either in progress or at the most advanced stage of planning.

Notably, the World Bank’s portfolio in Tanzania includes 25 projects with a commitment of nearly USD 4bn, most of which are dedicated to transport infrastructure development. Furthermore, Tanzania’s Finance Minister, Mr Phillip Mpango, has stated that standard gauge railway line, new roads and expansion of seaport major public are amongst investments in infrastructure that will be made in 2018 and beyond. Infrastructure is also a top priority in the country’s 2025 Development Vision.


The Architectural Association of Tanzania (AAT) produces this publication, in conjunction with Construction Review. Construction Review which has been in existence since 1990 is an ABC audited monthly construction publication esteemed by executives in the construction and allied sectors throughout Africa.

Architectural Association of Tanzania (AAT) is a body of Architects established in 1982 and boasts a total membership of 566 countrywide. AAT is the largest body of Architects in Tanzania giving support to continuing professional Development (CPD), networking and access to International Architects Organizations. The Association has been providing technical support to Architects and Quality surveyors Registration Board (AQRB) for several years. This ranges from resources persons in intermediate and final examination review classes, to resource persons in various workshops. AAT is affiliated with several international organisations including International Union of Architects (UIA), Africa Union of Architects (AUA), Common wealth Association of Architects (CAA) and East Africa Institute of Architects (EAIA).


With a readership of 10,000 and growing, the Architectural Journal is the right medium that organisations in the built environment can utilise to promote their services and products to associates and stakeholders in Tanzania’s construction sector and the East African region as a whole. The readership includes: architects, government departments, consulting engineers, EPCM firms, research bodies, finance institutions, and leading academic institutions.

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